Frequently Asked Questions


What is the ADI?

The American Development Initiative (ADI) brings USA Baseball’s Sport Development Department programming, educational assets and amateur resources directly into your community. Partners can engage their athletes in unparalleled ways, by providing exclusive access to the latest baseball health and safety initiatives, development-focused programming, the ADI wellness facilities network, and the most comprehensive evaluative experiences of any sport around the world. More information can be found HERE.

How do I join the ADI?

The ADA doesn’t take individual memberships, but you can join through your local baseball training academy. Visit our Find A Partner page to find the nearest ADI academy in your community.

What are the benefits of joining the ADI?

The ADI boasts a number of player health and safety, sports science, and community involvement benefits for baseball training academies and their players and families. Find more about the benefits the ADI could bring to your academy HERE.

How does my academy join the ADI?

Academies can apply HERE to join the American Development Initiative. Academies will be contacted by ADI staff shortly after receiving their application for consideration.

What is the ADI athletic assessment?

The ADI athletic assessment, provided by Team USA’s Sport Development Department, is the most comprehensive athletic evaluation in sports today. Comprised of a sports vision assessment, cognitive speed of processing and agility tests, and traditional baseball evaluation metrics, the Sport Development athletic assessment brings your athlete one step closer to reaching his or her fullest potential.

Do I receive any feedback after an ADI athletic assessment?

Yes, every athlete that participates in the Sport Development athletic assessment receives a fully customized player report containing their results, data, and metrics from the assessment, training regiments for improvement, along with additional amateur and educational resources provided by sports science professionals and Team USA. The ADI report helps bring athletes one step closer to reaching their fullest potential by identifying potential imbalances or inefficiencies in the athlete that are imperceivable to the naked eye or traditional evaluation procedures and can be used as a resource to guide future training as well.

Are ADI academies members of USA Baseball or USA Baseball National Teams?

No, American Development Academies are partners bringing state of the art sports science, educational, and amateur resources to their players, families, and baseball communities.

Does participating in an ADI assessment or program qualify me for a USA National Team?

No, the ADI and it’s partner academies have no bearing or affiliation with Team USA National Team identification. If a player is interested in Team USA identification for potential national team participation, they must follow the traditional USA Baseball National Team exposures HERE.

Do ADI academies host USA Baseball/USA National team tryouts?

No, National Team participation can only be achieved through traditional USA Baseball National Team Identification events. National Team Identification events can be found below:

Women’s National Team
12u National Team
15u National Team
18u National Team

I have additional questions not addressed here, what should I do?

With any additional questions, comments, or concerns, please follow the Contact Us link to submit your inquiry to the ADI.